Flying with the Eagleville Soaring Club

Eagleville Soaring club offers non-members and glider novices the chance to fly in a glider and experience the wonder of non-powered flight. Our 'Red Tail Hawk' flights are a great gift for someone curious about flying, or perfect for anyone who wants to see the Middle Tennessee countryside from a different vantage point

Rides are dependent on weather, our flying schedule, and the availability of a pilot, but most weekends allow room for guests to fly with us.

  • Scheduling a ride

    The flight schedule at Eagleville Soaring Club is primarily focused on instructional flights with our members. Due to this, we can't always guarantee that the specific time you are requesting for a ride is available. Glider clubs thrive on flexibility and patience!

    Please include as much information about your availability in your email request using the 'Request a Ride' button. We will contact you as soon as possible with potential dates and times.

    What to expect when you arrive

    When you arrive at Eagleville Soaring on the day of your scheduled ride, please park in the visitors area near the entrance. Our members may be spread out across the field, in the hangar, or in the office. We are usually easy to spot. If you have to look for us, please stay on the "safe" side of the runway cones nearer the road. The runway at Eagleville Soaring is always active!

    After any required paperwork or waivers are signed, one of our members will escort you and your family members down to the flight line, usually by golf cart. Here you will meet your pilot and go through a basic explanation of our safety protocols and flight expectations.

    Once all that is out of the way, you and your pilot will get strapped into one of our Schleicher ASK-21 gliders and prepare for takeoff

    What to expect during your flight

    Every flight begins with an "aerotow" up to altitude. Our line crew will secure the glider to the Piper Pawnee tow plane with a long rope and the tow plane will pull the rope tight. The tow pilot, glider pilot, and ground crew will all exchange hand signals to signal that they are ready for takeoff. The tow plane will apply power and accelerate until first the glider, and then the tow plane smoothly lift off the runway.

    During the aerotow, the glider pilot will be working to stay directly behind the tow plane. Once at altitude, usually around 3,000 feet above the ground the glider pilot may ask you to pull the release handle and disconnect the tow rope from the glider. Now you are gliding!

    The length of a glider flight is dependent on many factors, including tow height, weather, and how busy the schedule is. On many days, warm rising air from the ground creates enough upward momentum that a glider can slow down and turn in the rising air. Using these 'thermals' we are able to gain altitude even though the gliders don't have engines. When this happens, you aren't just gliding, now you are soaring!

    After the flight

    Once the flight is over, you and your family are welcome to stay and watch the glider operations at Eagleville Soaring. Don't be surprised if your first flight turns into a desire to join our club. Many of our members began the same way.

    Payment for a Red Tail Hawk ride can be made via check or cash at the office on the field, or via credit card using the QR Code located in the office on the field post-ride.

Our address

4689 Highway 41A
Eagleville, Tennessee 37060