Becoming a Member of the Eagleville Soaring Club

Eagleville Soaring club members receive several benefits by joining our club, from free instruction and glider rental to membership in the Soaring Society of America. We also consider membership to be a privilege that provides cameraderie and lifelong friendships based around a shared love of soaring.

We currently have 54 active members and growing. If you are interested in becoming our next member, send us a note using the form below.

  • Becoming a Member

    In addition to sending us a note as an introduction, we encourage potential members to come visit us on a flying weekend and see what the daily operations at Eagleville Soaring Club are like. Glider clubs are highly social groups, since nothing happens on the field without the help of our members to move gliders, run wings, drive golf carts, and talk about flying!

    We love to see potential members at the field so we get to know you before you join.

    Different types of memberships

    Pilots come in different ages and so do our memberships. Eagleville Soaring Club offers two different types of memberships. All of these membership types have the same privileges within our club, but are targeted towards different demographics.

    Full Memberships - Dues are $1200 and renew every 365 days (annually).

    Full memberships make up the majority of our members, making up 33 of our 54 members. Many of our members are returning to flying after a long hiatus, while others are just starting on their journey towards a glider certificate.

    Student Memberships - Dues are $600 and renew every 365 days (annually).

    Student memberships are targeted towards students. Typically high school age students, but we frequently see college students as members as well as sometimes students still in middle school! Some of our most enthusiastic student pilots (and student members) are our youngest members.

    Soaring Society of America

    Membership in the Eagleville Soaring Club also includes membership in the Soaring Society of America. The SSA was formed in 1932 to foster and promote all phases of soaring, both nationally and internationally. The SSA publishes a monthly magazing, Soaring, that each Eagleville member receives at their mailing address.

    Several of our members have been recognized in Soaring magazine either as participants in regional soaring contests, or in recognition of flying achievements such as completion of a Bronze, Silver, or Gold badge flight.

    The SSA also sponsors several scholarships each year assisting pilots in achieving their goals of becoming flight instructors.

    Read more about all of the things the Soaring Society of America does to promote soaring at their website

    Membership privileges

    Eagleville Soaring Club members with active memberships can reserve time in any of our club gliders in which they possess adequate privileges. Pre-solo student pilot members (Full, Senior, and Student members) are granted reservation privileges in both of our ASK-21 two place gliders. Student and certificated pilots that have passed solo sign-off can also be granted privileges in our single place ASK-23 glider.

    Members are also able to take advantage of our experienced group of glider instructors for training.

    Both glider training and usage of the club glider fleet are provided to members at no additional charge. Most members only pay their dues and tow fees, calculated based on how high they towed. Some members who own their own gliders also pay storage fees for keeping their glider in the club hangar through the year.

Our address

4689 Highway 41A
Eagleville, Tennessee 37060